Online Resource List

I update this list quarterly. If you notice a resource is out of date, or have a new resource to recommend, please do email me. I (and your fellow artists) will greatly appreciate it!

Listings That Include Several Types of Opportunities:

  • Art Deadlines List – Browse online, receive a free monthly email, or subscribe to a premium list for $12 per year.
  • Art Opportunities Monthly – You can sign up for the free list (link on the left) or sign up to receive premium listings for a $30 annual membership fee.
  • The Creative Capital Blog – You’ll find a list of residencies and other opportunities. The site also includes interviews, news, tips & tools.
  • New York Foundation for the Arts – While a New York based organization, the NYFA website lists many terrific opportunities relevant to those outside of New York.
  • re-title Artist Opportunities Section – Their artist opportunities page includes many interesting listings.

Call for Entries:

  • The Art Guide – Doesn’t offer a search option but the list is easy to scroll through and find information.
  • Artshow – Call for entries are listed by region. Also includes an international list and contests/grants section.
  • Call For – Open calls in a variety of categories.


  • Cranbrook Academy of Art Library – This is a great list that includes grants by region.
  • Arts & Healing Network – A terrific site dedicated to healing through art. You might enjoy exploring not just the grants page, but the entire site.
  • Art Business – This link is to an excellent article about grants. The Articles for Artists section of this site has useful articles on a variety of topics.


  • Alliance of Artist Communities – Don’t be scared off by all of the language about membership and joining. You can create a free user account to search the residency directory and receive a monthly email.
  • ResArtis – This site has a terrific search function allowing you to narrow down residencies by location, duration and other parameters.
  • TransArtists – Offers tons of information and advice about residencies all over the world.


In addition to finding job listings on sites like NYFA and searching for arts-related and creative jobs on general sites like Indeed, Monster and Craigslist, you can also try these:

  • Art Jobs – Narrow your search down with the options on the right.
  • Art Search – Lists gallery, education and art jobs.

Online Courses for Artists:

  • Delve – Founded by Andrea Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones of Kind Aesthetic, Delve offers terrific online courses including Crafting a Powerful Artist Statement and The Ultimate, Honest Guide to Understanding Artist Taxes.
  • Practical Advice for Artists Online Educational Studio – I’m sure you already know this, but we offer a few online courses ourselves.

Taxes for Artists:

  • Sunlight Tax – If you need a tax professional, Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax is an artist herself and really understands taxes for artists.