One on One Consultations & Coaching

I wrote “Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists” to help make general, practical information accessible and affordable to every artist. If you are looking for guidance, I recommend starting with the book. It might be all you need to get inspired and on track. If you’re looking for more personalized support, I offer one-on-one consultations and coaching. Please review the FAQs below to determine if one of these services is right for you. If you decide to schedule a consultation, you can sign up at this link.

Artist Consultations FAQs

What Types Of Artist Consultations Are Available?
I offer three options:
1. One-On-One Consultations – I always start with an initial one-on-one consultation. Many artists find that just one consultation is all they need to get energized, focused and moving in the right direction.
2. Follow Up Consultations – This service is for artists who have gone through the first time consultation process and want to check in, set new goals, and move on to next steps with support and guidance. The Follow Up is available and recommended six months to two years after an artist’s initial consultation.
3. Ongoing Coaching Packages – This option was created for artists who feel they will benefit from, or require, ongoing accountability and support. They are best suited for, and only available to, artists who are ready and able to dedicate themselves fully to the process. After the initial (discounted) consultation, we reconnect bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly (depending on your needs and budget) to discuss progress and reset goals. Coaching Packages are available to a limited number of artists and require a minimum 6 month commitment.

How Does It Work?
After an artist signs up for his or her consultation, I send a questionnaire to fill out and return along with any documentation such as web site link, images, bio, etc. I review the materials, reach out with any additional questions and schedule a phone call. During the call we discuss the artist’s specific situation, challenges and goals. I offer advice and suggestions and follow up with a document that recaps what we discussed, outlines action items and lists any suggested resources.

How Long Does It Take?
Initial and Follow Up consultation phone calls usually last around seventy-five to ninety minutes. Because I conduct individual, customized research, as needed, for each artist before our call, the entire process, from receiving the filled out questionnaire to delivering follow up documentation usually takes around 2 weeks. If things are busy, and it’s going to take longer, I let the artist know. Ongoing coaching calls last one hour.

What Do I Get For My Time & Money?
A successful art career is a mix of talent, luck, passion and hard work. A healthy dose of knowledge and perspective helps too. I will not provide you with the magic potion for a successful art career or the secret art world handshake. There is no magic potion or secret handshake. But you will walk away from a consultation with solid, realistic, advice and feedback based on your situation followed up with a clear cut document outlining suggestions and listing resources you may find helpful. What you do with that information is up to you.

Is It Right For Me?
The Artist Consultation program was designed for emerging to mid-career artists who have specific questions, concerns or issues and/or are just feeling a bit stuck or lost as to next steps. Those who are willing to do the research and work, and are open to constructive feedback, advice and criticism, are the best candidates to enjoy, and benefit from, the experience.

How Much Does It Cost?
First time One-On-One Consultations are $400.
Follow Up Consultations are $250.
Coaching Packages vary depending on the length of commitment (6 months minimum required) and frequency of appointments (bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly). If you think you might be interested in coaching, please contact me to discuss.

I’m Ready! How Do I Sign Up?
You can sign up for an initial One-On-One Consultation at this link. I will follow up with you within 3 business days with your questionnaire and instructions. If you’d like to sign up for a Follow Up Consultation or discuss Coaching, email me to make arrangements.

What Other Kinds of Consultations Do You Do?
As a consultant I work with many different types of clients from young gallerists who are just getting set up to private and corporate collectors to creative businesses to non-profits looking for help with fundraisers. If I can’t help a potential client, I can usually refer them to someone who can.